Crystal Structures

Crystal Structures is the commercial division of Sunshine Rooms. Since 1980 we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing all types of aluminum and glass structures, 33 + years to be exact. Our central location allows us the ability to provide highest quality products at very competitive prices. We have over 15,000 completed projects, in all 50 states, and we take pride in being a single source supplier to the commercial construction industry.

We specialize in the following CSI Sections:

  • Galaxy Skylights (Sec. 08 63 00)
  • Glazed Structures (Sec. 13 34 13)
  • GrowTech Greenhouses (Sec. 13 34 13.13)
  • Translucent Roofs and Walls (Sec. 08 45 13)
  • Oasis Pool Enclosures (Sec. 13 34 13.19)
  • Glass and Polycarbonate Canopies (Sec. 10 73 16)
  • Sloped Glazing (Sec. 08 44 33)
  • Crystal Vue Car Wash Buildings (Sec. 13 34 13)

Our products have been designed with many unique features that owners enjoy and appreciate. Some of our services include preliminary design work, certified engineering in all states, manufacturing and installation. The Crystal Structures website has been designed specifically to assist architects and general contractors.